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Sberbank AST "Goszakaz 2016"
Goszakaz 2016
60 m²
In the framework of this project, we managed to host a spacious demonstration area and a comfortable meeting room on a relatively small floor surface. We have chosen an architectural solution, materials, and visual decoration which enabled us to retain the customer’s image and to create a convincing impression of the company’s reliability.
The designed construction let the stand accommodate the open demonstration area and the closed meeting area. We have applied several techniques which helped to visually expand the stand’s room. The expert lighting equipment, including a green light filling and a light floor manufactured from triplex glass has shaped a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere in the demonstration area.
We have installed an Orion seamless module screen to display the company’s video commercials. The suspended structure perfectly fitted the general image of the area and visually made the stand appear higher.
The use of premium materials, well-considered lighting reflecting the company’s corporate colours, efficient zoning – all these enabled us to solve the customer’s key task which was to strengthen AST’s image as a reliable partner.